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Klal Emunim - the Community of the Believers

Klal Emunim is the conservative stream among messianic Jews and followers of our Lord Yeshua Ha Melech Hamaschiach – Jesus Christ.
Groups belonging to Klal Emunim in Germany have been active since 1997, primarily in Berlin and Munich. Initiator of the movement is Mr. Baruch ben Mordechai Felix Kogan (51), an Israeli who lives with his family in Berlin. His ministry – “Schuwa La Schoresch” - Back to the roots – is significantly involved in the formulation and publication of conservative Jewish messianic theology (www.laschoresch.org).

Principles of faith

Our principles of faith are identical to those of Judaism as summarized in the thirteen principles of faith by Maimonides, but with the provision that the expected Messiah is Yeshua ben Joseph ben David of Nazareth (see statement 12). We believe that he lived, suffered for our sins and died. Through the power of the Almighty he rose to eternal life in the World to Come (Olam HaBa).
Thus, he became the first, perfect human, the complete image of G-d and thereby Son of G-d, according to the divine resolution of Hashem, before the creation of the world.

Hashem is the savior and Yeshua is the heir of his omnipotence

We believe in the redemption of Israel by our Father in heaven as laid out in Isaiah 43,11 אָנֹכִי אָנֹכִי ה' וְאֵין מִבַּלְעָדַי מוֹשִׁיעַ I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no savior.
And we believe that Jews, as well as the nations are not obligated to believe in the mission of the Nazarene to obtain eternal salvation.
At the same time we believe that our Father in heaven bestowed upon mankind a wondrous endowment when he commissioned Yeshua – an offering to the free will of man in which we discern the humility of Hashem. We shall not follow the envoy of G-d out of fear, rather out of love and conviction.

Yeshua established the new covenant

and opened a door for a new community of life and prayer between Israel and the nations (see Hebr. 4,16). This entails in our understanding that all believers are obligated to fulfill the commandments of the Torah, though in accordance with the provisions of Acts 15.

We reject any mission or evangelization

which suggests to man that solely faith in Jesus leads to eternal life. In particular, we consider mission to the Jews under such auspices as detrimental to the common understanding between believers of the Jewish and Christian faith.

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